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Lab Diagnostic Testing in Los Angeles and Glendale CA

A lab diagnostic test is a medical operation that involves testing a sample of blood, urine, or other bodily material. Laboratory testing can assist in determining a diagnosis, planning treatment, determining if treatment is effective, and monitoring the disease over time. Visit Psychiatry Unplugged for convenient lab testing. We have convenient locations to serve you in Los Angeles CA and Glendale CA. For more information, call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Los Angeles CA, Glendale CA, Beverly Hills CA, Santa Monica CA, Hollywood CA, Burbank CA, and Pasadena CA.

Lab Diagnostic Testing in Los Angeles and Glendale CA
Lab Diagnostic Testing in Los Angeles and Glendale CA

Does Psychiatry Unplugged perform lab diagnostic testing?

Yes, we do! Psychiatry Unplugged is a fully functional medical office facility, staffed with board-certified psychiatry and addiction medicine physicians and equipped with on-site laboratory services and ancillary supportive staff. We believe in providing a complete picture of care for all mental health concerns as a ‘one-stop clinic’ to address diverse needs.

Blood drugs levels and routine blood tests:

● Blood drug levels are ordered and performed to make sure medications used are in a range (therapeutic window) for best results. If medication blood levels are too low or high and outside of the normal range no benefit or possible harm could result. Drugs, where these levels are important, are typical of lithium prescriptions and others.

● Routine blood work assesses general health such as a complete blood count. Particularly important are thyroid function tests and other complete metabolic profiles to rule out treatable causes for mental disorders. Urine tests for Safety and Recovery

● Medications used for ADHD and other disorders often involve the use of controlled substances that can cause harm beyond their intended effect. Using stimulant medication for ADHD should not be used with other drugs such as marijuana, heavy alcohol, or tranquilizer types of medication. Drug interactions with these users can be lethal and cause other mental disorders such as addiction. Also, these tests can be helpful in ensuring drug compliance.

● Urine testing is also useful to help monitor the addiction treatment recovery process. Our patients feel drug testing and accountability are helpful for recovery from addictive substances and a good gauge of the recovery response. It also helps in revealing if current recovery treatment is/or is not working and making sure all things for your health are considered from a complete medical perspective. For example, negative urine would be necessary with Vivitrol use to prevent precipitated withdrawal.

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